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Julia has been providing social services to individuals for over 25 years. She is trained in Rapid Resolution therapy and hypnosis techniques. She has completed 60 hours of RRT hypnosis training.  She has completed certification in yoga and received certification from the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

 My goal is to assist you with achieving greater happiness and mental resolution. The Therapy techniques are designed to increase your awareness and remove mental obstacles that have kept you from obtaining your personal happiness and freedom. Julia makes no claims of being a licensed therapist by standard state licensing requirements. 

Meditation by the Sea

Therapy by Julia provides you with a safe, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere for exploring your thoughts and allowing healing to take place.

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Spend one hour with me quieting the mind and identifying negative emotions, and traumatic events that are no longer serving you. Restore and rebuild confidence, clarity and a creative you!

Therapy by Julia uses a philosophical approach towards building a connection with each client. Hypnosis techniques, guided discovery, and metaphors are used to recognize and restore the individual to greater clarity, freedom and happiness. 

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A Happier, Healthier You is Available!

 Restore clarity and identify negative beliefs ,thoughts and emotions.

The 1 hour session involves understanding what it is you want to clear and uses creative communication techniques to learn and recognize that thoughts can cause trauma and your brain wants to be rid of them. This session is designed to be beneficial to you. It is designed to be emotionally uplifting as you learn new tools for letting go of past trauma and creating transformational energy in your life that directs you toward greater happiness and clarity.


and begin the process for greater happiness and freedom.

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